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Silly Sam The Super Salmon

Silly Sam The Super Salmon is a short story about a superhero salmon that saves the day by making those that are sad, mad or feeling bad see the bright side of things and appreciate the many blessings that are in their life. Silly Sam The Super Salmon was written to inspire being there for those in need; whether physically with words and a hug, or emotionally by even just listening when someone is feeling down. Silly Sam represents friendship, care, respect, and love - and isn't that the kind of hero the world needs?

PartyBuild was an all-in-one event planning and booking website. Think Expedia, but for events of any location, occasion, budget, or size.

Unfortunatley, Covid-19 was detrimental to the in-person events industry and we were unable to continue company operations.

Matt Dodge & The LOBSTERS!

One of the great passions in my life has been writing, producing, and performing music. Matt Dodge & The LOBSTERS! performed at some of the most prestigious Minnesota venues including, The Fine Line, 7th Street Entry/First Ave, and more.

Today, I continue to create and perform independently as a hobby with a new album currently underway.

Magma Dating App

Magma was an iOS and Android dating app created by Marcelo Feldman and I. The mission of the app was to make it easier to meet people in your location or nearby. As an example, while visiting a coffee shop the barrier to meeting someone may be related to not wanting to interrupt them and be rude. Using Magma, users could check into their location and instantly see people interested in meeting those around them. This business has since been retired.

Dodge Vision Content & Games

My personal participation was everything from writing and producing original gameplay music, to scripting and performing sketch entertainment content, and even some business consultation.

Dodge Vision was an iOS and Android game development company owned and operated by my brother, Nick Dodge that also produced video game-themed YouTube entertainment videos.

Stock Market Education Course
I began learning about stock investing during my late high school/early college years. After some success, many of my peers would regularly ask me how they can get into it - and it was then that I decided to just write down the process of learning the basics of how to invest in the stock market. This course can be purchased by clicking here.

Slate Companies
Former President & COO

Slate Media Technology

While working at Slate Companies, prior to becoming the President & COO, I was the Software Development Director for the RAVEN Multi-Touch Production Consoles and the Batch Commander Digital Assistant software, along with the Slate Remote iOS application.

Slate Digital

Upon success with Slate Media Technology, I proposed a vision for the next phase of operational growth for the entire Slate Companies family. As COO, we moved our operation from a house to an office facility; grew our staff; released several innovative hardware and software products; introduced and grew our subscription bundle significantly beyond company goals, and generally speaking, became a name everyone in audio production knew, respected, and desired.

Steven Slate Drums

Steven Slate Drums software and hardware is the industry standard for professional drum sounds in the studio and on the stage. As COO, I oversaw the development, execution, and releases of new software and hardware products including Steven Slate Drums 5, a series of artist expansion packs for Trigger 2 and Steven Slate Drums, as well as the Pearl Mimic Pro drum sound module for studio and live performance.

Slate Academy

What started initially as a project called, Audio Legends, quickly turned into a much larger idea due to popularity.

As President & COO, I oversaw the development, execution, and release of Slate Academy, which became Slate Digital’s online audio masterclass portal, allowing users to browse hundreds of video tutorials taught by the biggest names in music!

Manley Laboratories
Executive (Director of Engineering & Chief People Officer)

After being referred by a former colleague, I was brought onto the Manley team in the format of business and human resources consultant on the payroll. Primarily focusing on implementing operational changes to systems, procedures, coordination, and compliance. There was additional participation on the software development team as a certified ScrumMaster® to improve the clarity of efficacy goals and timeline communication.

After success with the HR side of the operation, I was asked to move into helping the Engineering team to have more clarity and transparency in their execution of projects for new and existing products.

Believable Audio
Chief Executive Officer

After Jesse Honig was experiencing some success with the release of his company's first product, EUNA, an input driver guitar petal that replaces a conventional buffer, he brought me onto his team to assist with directing the growth, including expanding the product line, growing partnerships, and overall developing the company.

Wolff Audio
Executive Consultant & Former Interim COO

Paul Wolff, the former owner of API and Tonelux, partnered his Fix Audio Designs company with DCA (Digital Controlled Analog) owned by Jared Vogt, a founder of Avalara and TL Labs, to create their newest endeavor, Wolff Audio.

I was brought onto the team to assist with setting up their operation with everything from an employee management system, intranet, project management platform, human resources compliance, and more.

Wedding Officiant


Officially licensed through the Christian Leader's Institute, on occasion I officiate weddings. I have always enjoyed public speaking and consider it an incredible honor to be a part of one of the happiest days for a couple in love. To access my official directory listing, click the link here and search for "Dodge, Matt."

Amanda wanted to create a website for her original art pieces. After meeting and discussing her goals, we decided to build on the backbone of Shopify and create a print-on-demand setup for her prints, as well as still offering direct sales for her original pieces, and the ability to request something custom.
Nolan was struggling with his web presence and wanted to create a new e-commerce website that offered; print-on-demand apparel/merchandise, physical and digital music sales, bookable events for purchase, fundraising/donation offerings, and general media content. Nolan has since passed away. May he rest in peace.

As Sophia's Instagram account for her custom sticker business reached 10K followers and the influx of demand became challenging to manage, Sophia contacted me to help.


Sophia had been managing all of her order requests through DM and Venmo charge requests. Her new website improves her ability to take orders and payments, as well as manage inventory and customer expectations while preparing for growth to support print-on-demand stickers in the future.

Tons of Awesome was a project exploring the concept of dropshipping early to the eventual trend. The site design and functionality were successful, however, the lack of quality control within the dropshipping industry led to my decision to retire the business in favor of something better.

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 1.28.13 AM.png
Super Computers was a partnership project developed to approach the NFT market with an innovative approach to creating intrinsic value. Owning a Super Computers NFT would act as the printer for Quantoken, which was the project's proprietary cryptocurrency.

The initial funds received in the sales of the first batch of Super Computers NFTs would have been deposited into a dedicated, diversified fund that will invest for long-term growth in high-quality, dividend-paying stocks. And the fund would then back every Quantoken.

After evaluation of the NFT environment, we deemed it was not worthy of pursuing at this time due to a lack of reliable information as well as crime and theft.

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